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stronger maryland. >> reporter: one day after north roll grumman decided to choose virginia over maryland for its headquarters, some say he didn't doing enough. senator barbara mikulski says maryland has fared much better during the recession. >> i think he is going to win because he has shown he can govern during tough times. >> reporter: a recent poll found o'malley leading ehrlich 47% to 44%. that falls in the margin of error. now, granted,ing into ther one of these candidates is going to have too much a problem with name recognition. current governor says it is far too early to place too much importance on polling. >> those things go up and down and i'll let the pundits and radio disc jockeys comment about that sort of process stuff. >> reporter: o'malley is leerily hoping for more up than down looking to avoid the fate of his opponent who lost his first bid for re-election. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 morning news. >>> good morning to you. it is wednesday morning as we get a live look at our nation's capital under a beautiful moon. but temperatures really pretty nippy for this time of year
>>> right off the top, we are following breaking news out of west virginia where at least 25 workers are dead and another four missing following an explosion at a coal mine. the blast is the worst u.s. mine disaster since 1984. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. here is the latest information that we have for you right now. so far, there are 25 confirmed dead, at late four miners are stll missing following this explosion. rest canada crews have stopped the search because it is to dangerous right now. if the mourners made it to escape ways and air chambers, they can survive up to 96 hours. the coal mine has a history of safety problems. president obama has expressed condolences and has offered whatever federal assistance may be needed to help out in that area. we are going to be live in west virginia this morning here on fox 5 morning news with the latest just ahead. >>> now, we do want to get a first check on the weather. tucker is standing by with all the details on that one. it is pretty mild outside this morning. >> you're right. we were in the low
and central virginia. it is widespread. there is dense fog literally everywhere here for your morning commute t will mix as soon as the sun gets up and it should be a mostly sunny day. it will be nice this affect. right now, upper 40s and low others. 48 in baltimore. 48 in frederick. so temperatures are fairly comfortable to start the day. early fog, plenty of afternoon sun. enjoy the afternoon temperature, 72. we have the dense fog advisory in effect until 9:00 this morning. i'll show you the map where the dense fog advisory is located in just a moment. >> thank you. >>> a d.c. school principal found murdered in his silver spring home one week ago will be laid to rest today. there is a funeral for bryan betts in his home town of manassas. his vehicle had been abandoned in southeast washington. >>> right now, 11 workers are still missing following an oil rig explosion off the coast of louisiana. more than 100 workers were on board tuesday night when the blast happened about 50 miles offshore in the gulf of mexico. seventeen people were hurt, four of them critically. >>> just about on track. a
in west virginia. the safety record of the coal mine is being called into question. it has been repeatedly cited for improperly venting methane gas. >>> is it a done deal in almost d.c. schools and the teachers union reached a tentative contract agreement. it still has to be ratied and approved by the d.c. council. it ends nearly three years of negotiations. it calls for a 20% pay raise ore five years and expanded development opportunities for teachers. >>> what a difference a couple of months kes. it wasn't that long ago we were trying to dig out from the record snowfall. now, we have record heat. karen gray houston shows us how d.c. is enjoying this heat wave. >> reporter: the mercury shot up to 90 in some areas, so hot people needed water to cool down. the farmer's almanac long-range forecast predicts april and may will be warmer and drier than normal with water reservoirs running low but perfect for sunning herself. this woman thought it was a perfect day for shooting hookey from her job there is probably a harder news story we could be working on today but we consulted with folks outs
gust of wind is believed to have caused that mishap. >>> a warning for police in one one virginia community saying some moving trucks may be haul ago way a lot more than you think. >>> nice start to a beautiful looking friday. i'll have all the details on the forecast including the weekend and julie wright will be in at some point to give you a look at on-time traffic as well. what's all this? big news! we have another way to help you save. oh, really? how? by bundling. if you get your homeowners and auto insurance together, we give you even more savings. ooh! big bundle. [ chuckling ] home and auto together. it's like peanut butter and jelly. oh, or like burgers and fries. or pickles and ice cream. unicorns and glitter! no? bundling to save you more. now, that's progressive! call or click today. >>> national park service wants you to be safe this season when you visit the c&o canal national park. if you remember, last year, six people died in the potomac. the park service says it is largely because people underestimate the power of the water. >> having spent seven years working i
. the remote location and damaged roads are making rescue efforts difficult. >>> the west virginia governor has ordered all underground mines in the state to be inspected. set regulators will begin checking mines that have been repeatedly been warned about explosions. >>> it happened on march 3rd in college park follow ago i a win against duke. # 1-year-old jack mckenna is seen on that video backing up to park police on horse back and being attacked by at least three prince george's county police in riot gear. two officers have been suspended and more suspensions could follow. -- 21-year-old jack mckenna. >>> a botched math equation led michelle rhee to lay off 266 think indicators but apparently that was based on wrong numbers and now the district has a surplus in the budget. schools chancellor rhee said she would not rehire the teachers. mayor fenty called it an honest mistake. >>> if a d.c. artist has his way, you will see these sculptures popping up around the city. we are talk tag 100 hands and a mess think give me the vote. wisdom martin caught up with the man behind the hands. >> reporte
to take a look at our top stories and we are starting out in west virginia where rescue crews are back underground hoping to find the if four survivors. her hoping the miners made it to airtight emergency rooms and are waiting to be saved. monday's blast killed at least 256789. >>> a diplomat from qatar who caused an air scare is expected to leave the united states today. he slipped into the plane's bathroom and tried to light a cigarette and reportedly yoked about trying to light his shoes. he was detained but won't be detained because is a diplomat. >>> tiger woods tees off in the second round of the masters at 10:35 this morning. received awe nice reception from the crowd yesterday. his play wasn't very shabby. he had two eagles on the day. he is two shots back from the lead. >>> there is one specific briewp of people that might be really happy to see the rain and that is allergy sufferers. the last few weeks have been pretty rough. the d.c. area is one of the five worst places in the country for the allergy. beth parker shows us the science behind the ranking. >> reporter: what lo
driving a silver acura with license that plates xks 1522, virginia license plate. >>> supporters of mayor adrian fenty kicked off his campaign for re-election over the weekend. they did it at the new grand opening of his campaign headquarters. careen gray houston has more. >> four more years! >> reporter: he is in it to win it but there were conflicting cheers outside the new campaign headquarters. the recall feinty people were outnumbered and drowned out. inside, adrian fenty flanked by his family, made his case for another term. >> when we took over, there were about 7,000 to 8,000 people at summer youth jobs. last year, we topped 18,000 young people. >> reporter: fenty listed his successes, taking over school system, bringing new development by doing things differently. these supporters say they are well aware of the mayor's declining popularity in some areas of the city. they say that doesn't matter because fenty gets results. >> he is trying to do the best he can. >> in terms of improving the schools, up grading a lot of the facilities, crime is down. i think he is doing the things t
activity is headed in our direction. you can see it across southwestern portions of virginia and moving into the carolinas. it won't be a steady rain all day but i think we will have showers moving through and it will be cloudy and cool for much of the day. let's open it up. you can see that off to the south and west, our storminess resides. as we get into the daytime hours tomorrow, a return to more sunshine and a general improvement in the weather conditions. till within cool and cloudy today with the possibility of a couple of showers. 54 at reagan national. 47 dulles. 43, that is cool in frederick. here is your forecast and again, the clouds move in with the possibility of showers any time after 9:00 or 10:00 this morning. they will be with us throughout the day. highs only about 60. >> doesn't seem like a very pleasant day today. >> it won't be terrible either. >> let's go to the roads now and take a look at how things are going out there. >> good morning to all of you. it is not looking so bad right now. but from tucker's forecast, it likes it will change later on today. right now
and there were no explosives found eastchester minutes from now, crews in west virginia will head to the collapsed mine and resume the search if four men. authorities say the air quality in that mine is good but once the crews are inside, if conditions are not safe, they will retreat again. they will head into the mine an hope it reach the chamber where the miners may be located around 7:00 this morning. >>> in sports, the washington nats are still looking for the first win of the season. they lost to the philadelphia phillies last night. the same two teams wrap up that series later today. >>> it is a very special morning here on fox 5 today. our own steve chenevey sat down yesterday with first lady michelle obama if a one-on-one interview and so stay with us throughout the morning. we'll run some of the segments if that interview and here is a little fwlims of what steve found when he talked with the first lady -- a little begins of what steve found when he talked with the first lady. >> do you consider yourself a washingtonian yet? >> it feels like home. i don't want to be too p
tickets for tomorrow's drawing in the district, maryland and virginia. it would not work for me. i'll be working the rest of high life like everybody else. >> i'm going to get a ticket. >> will you share? >> well, with some of the people here. yes, i'll share with you. the problem is i know you'll collect. >> this is true. what i want to collect on is a good day today. yesterday was not fun. it was really pretty chilly out. >> yeah, i work in the weather department, i should know better. i walked outside with my shorts on. i discovered it was very cold out there. it will be cold this morning. we have a frost advisory which will continue here for a few more hours until 9:00 and then hang in there. by this afternoon, i promise that everyone will be well rewarded here with temperatures. it will be topping out near about 70. a good 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. this is your frost advisory begin in effect until 9:00 this morning. all the counties here off to the north and west, not washington itself. but off to the north and west, counties in western maryland, western virginia as we
contractor northrop grumman is moving its headquarters to virginia along with more jobs. the company's ceo is considering two locations in the commonwealth. maryland and d.c. had been in the running. the company is currently based in los angeles and we should learn more details during a news conference scheduled for later today. >>> republicans blocked financial reform from moving forward in the senate last night. the vote was 57-41 with only one democrat, nebraska's ben nelson voting with the republicans and harry reid switched his vote to no so he can bring the act up for a vote today. >>> as communities across the south and to the midwest try to pick up the pieces of their lives after the deadly twisters, state leaders say they will look to the white house for help. the storms killed 12 people in the south. >>> in sports, the capitals will need a game seven to reach the next round of the eastern conference playoffs. the caps lost to the montreal caned a yeps last night 4-1. game seven tomorrow night at washington. >>> there is good news on the housing fronted. sales rose last night mark
dream. >> mr. obama led memorial seven he is for the west virginia miners killed earlier this month. the president and vice president joe biden told the men's families that the country would hon irthe men's memories by improving mine safety this this country. >>> out on the national mall, it was a celebration of earth day and a push to change things in your home. john legend was just one of the head liners lending his voice to what was billed as the climate rally on the mall. roz plater was there and shows us why they say it was important. >> reporter: earth day 2010 is a very different celebration than when it all started four decades ago. for one thing, the issue has gone global. there seems to be a renewed sense of interest. >>> a sea of faces on the national mall to celebrate earth day. while some may have been drawn to the moussal headliners, long- time environmental activists say the message is still getting through. >> i think it is important to show people we can celebrate at the same time we are saving t it is not all doom and gloom. >> reporter: 40 years after the first ea
. that comes one day after vincent gray announced he is running for mayor. >>> both virginia senator ma warner and governor mcdonnell are standing behind president obama after he gives the green light to expand offshore drilling. the president said he knows environmentalists will be dispinted but the decision is part of a new energy strategy designed to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel and foreign oil. >>> some of another stories making head lines this morning, a rare and deadly attack in the drug war in mexico. coming up next, details of a shootout at two army bases. >>> plus, historic flooding in new england. find out why the next few hours will be very critical as people up north head to work. stay with us. fox 5 news is back in just a moment.  >>> welcome back. a still developing story up north. parts of i-95 are closed. sewers are backed up so badly, residents have been asked to stop flushing their toilets. >>> janet napolitano heads up there tomorrow. the officials hope i-95 can reopen today. people are still using jet skis and boats to get around. >> this is
committee. president obama will make a tribute to the 29 miners killed in west virginia. he will deliver. eulogy at sunday's public service. the april 5th blast at the upper big branch mine killed 29 miners. the cause is under investigation. the president has harded a review of mine safety records and is calling for stronger mining laws. >>> as police look for a motive in a deadly hospital shooting in knoxville, tennessee, the cab driver is now talking. he says the man and angry and depressed. he gave the driver $20 asked him to wait. he pulled out a gun and started shooting women outside the hospital. he injured two, killed one and killed himself. >>> the two most wanted men in iraq are dead. they were targeted by u.s. and iraqi forces. they were killed in a nighttime attack. vice president biden says this could be a devastating blow to the terrorist cell. >>> there is more trouble for toyota. safety concerns are forcing another round of recalls, this one involving its lexus suv. the automaker is now recalling 94 hunch its 2010 lexus gs 460s because of a high roll overrisk. problem was
in some spots a quarter mile or less. i just took a peek around martinsburg, west virginia. >> you did? >> on my cameras and on my various reporting stations. visibility is less than a quart quartermile. we had the rain yesterday and that combination can produce some fog. so-called counties in gray, we've got this fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. once we get rid of the fog and low clouds, should be a beautiful day. we have a lot of sunshine around here. a little bit on the cool side. high temperatures will only be in the 60s. check out current temperatures. 48 at reagan national. 36 is it in gaithersburg. 39 in fredericksburg. there is some cool air out there. hagerstown is 4 degrees. chilly start. should be a nice pleasant afternoon. once that sunshine builds in, we'll see highs in the low to mid-60s. it is out of here and you can see the clear skies off to the west and to the north and west and that will move in here today. it should be a bright sunny day. if you want the warm temperatures, you want 70s, it will be back tomorrow. well into the 70s as our winds are going to shift out of
election in virginia, today is your last day to register if you want to be eligible. >>> another story making headlines, a deadly crash involving a military jet that nearly slammed into a house. coming up next, we have the details. >>> a disturbing video appears to show some local police officers beating a college student. is the video proof of a cover- up. you are watching fox 5 morning news.  >>> welcome back. this dramatic home video is leading to an internal investigation for prince george's county police. you might remember riots broke out on march 3rd in college park after the terps beat duke ain't university of maryland student claims police attacked him and his lawyer says this video proves it. the prince george's county police chief says the department is in the process of suspending one officer and other suspensions may come. want to show you another look at that video. the maryland student, jack mckenna, is there on the right- hand side of your screen. he is celebrating the victory when he sees a line of police. he stoapz and then suddenly officers
in january of next year. >>> virginia's attorney general, ken cuccinelli, says he is going to court over the new fuel efficiency rules. he says they are a tacit denial of his lawsuit challenging the epa conclusion that green house gases are dangerous to people and should be regulated under the clean air act. >>> in sports, the capitals are back on track. they snapped their three-game losing streak last night. >> ovechkin delivers it. >> the caps beat the atlanta thrashers 2-1. we have much more still ahead this morning. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. >>> good morning. thank you for staying with us. it is friday morning, april #nd. there is a live look this morning at the washington monument. temperatures right now in the 50s, maybe in the 40s in some outlying areas but certainly a pretty good start to the day as we end this workweek. and tucker is in this morning now with another check on our weather. yesterday was absolutely glorious. >> was it? yeah, it was. >> i was pretending like i was inside all day, i didn't notice. it was very nice. >> hopefully we can keep it going throu
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